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Dick Tracy and the Benefits of Virtual Government

Mar 25, 2015|Digital Government, Optimizing Technology|

Do you remember Dick Tracy? The 1930s comic strip detective solved crime using advanced gadgetry. His iconic two-way wrist radio was extremely futuristic for its time

Tackling the WIC Transformation Challenge

Mar 18, 2015|Modernization and Transformation, Payment Card Solutions, Uncategorized|

By Sylvia Mitchem and Jerry Owens, Program Managers

At its best, the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) nutrition program helps pregnant and post-partum women, as well as

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    Do You Have What it Takes to be a Chief Data Officer in Government?

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Chief Data Officer in Government?

Mar 12, 2015|Analytics, Digital Government, Modernization and Transformation|

By Chuck Brooks, Vice President and Client Executive, Department of Homeland Security

We are in the information age and data is the currency of every industry, business

Content Management: Should All Your Documents Be Data?

Mar 5, 2015|Business Process Solutions, Document Management|

By Michelle Colbert, Senior Vice President, Xerox Unclaimed Property Clearinghouse

Once upon a time, nearly all content was paper. Government agencies received paper forms, issued paper approvals,

Customer Service for Government: Why Not the Best?

Feb 25, 2015|Customer Care, Transaction Processing|

by Mark Tobin, Program Director, Xerox

When it comes to customer service, government agencies should be considered right alongside companies like Amazon, Ritz-Carlton and Zappos who are